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Suppressed Grief

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

This was an older man in his fifties who came in a state of anxiety and depression with a sensation of a lump in his throat. He had a very responsible position as CEO of a large company and often had to speak at important functions and presentations. The feeling of a lump in his throat was painful and physically preventing his ability to speak because he would lose his voice. He became aware of things worsening and was referred for medical tests and biopsy, which returned clear. Throat sprays and medications did not relieve the pain or help his voice. Over a period of time, he became, deeply frustrated, anxious and fixated he had a serious illness. Constantly irritated and stressed, his life lost meaning and his family worried.

The man talked about the loss of his father when he was 15 yrs old. It was a sudden death and as a boy he realised they had never had an opportunity to get to know each other as father and son because he had spent years away at boarding school. When his father died his mother felt it best he stayed away from the funeral. He talked sadly of his regrets about not having closure and his lost relationship. He said he loved him and there was so much he had wanted to say. I felt the anguish of his sadness and longing for a relationship that should have been and lost. Love never expressed. He could not remember grieving for his father as a boy and was sent back to school. He felt the sadness as though it was yesterday. The remedy, Ignatia has the mental picture of grief and loss for something that could have been. It is one of the major grief remedies where a lump is felt in the throat. After 4 weeks the man returned completely well. Free of the lump in his throat and a return of his voice and renewed confidence to speak in public. The man looked and sounded so much happier and was at peace about his father.

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