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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

First experience of Homeopathy was a ‘game-changer’ It was 26 yrs ago when I first consulted with a homeopath for depression and breakdown in mental health. Started when I was overwhelmed from feelings of stress and panic. There seemed to be no reason because I was in a great relationship, happy family life and a brilliant career but something felt out of synch with life and I started to feel stress unlike anything I had ever experienced. Panic attacks and agoraphobia became seriously debilitating and I was offered anti-depressants from my GP. Desperate for help but against taking drugs, I went to see a Homeopath. The consultation lasted two hours but felt like 5 minutes. It was the first time I experienced someone being genuinely non-judgemental and present for me with compassion and I felt ‘listened to’ which made all the difference

A tiny white pill, no bigger than a pinhead was prescribed. Two days later the action of this remedy kicked into my system and washed over me like an ocean wave of peace and all I felt was a wonderful sense of calm. After 4 weeks, returned to see my homeopath with no anxiety and free from all of the stress symptoms like everything had been lifted from me. I felt fully healed! It was a profound experience that changed my life and all I wanted to do was learn about this incredible medicine. One year later I was beginning my training of nearly 5 years.

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