"Homeopathy for me has shed so many emotional layers that I would not have been able to pin point without the amazing investigative abilities of Sue Wood.  She truly listens and understands her clients before prescribing any remedies.  Her abilities to locate deep seated trauma in my life has been an intrinsic part of my healing process.  I can't thank Sue enough and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal their emotional or physical lives.  An amazing homeopath with years of experience and training." 



"I have known Susan for approximately five years. Originally contacting her in her role as a homeopath. I was suffering anxiety /depression. I found her to be very empathic and sympathetic towards me and we worked together on a very deep level to discover what would be the best treatment for me. Her counselling and encouragement, together with carefully chosen remedies have been successful in supporting me through a very dark time. She is a very ethical, spiritual and empathic person who I'm now proud to call a dear friend I can not speak too highly of Susan and recommend her without hesitation."  -

Shiela S


"Sue helped me both physically and mentally, I really don’t know how I would have coped otherwise. Sue is a true professional and I would and do recommend her to everyone."  
Jane M


Although Sue has developed into a more specialist field, it hasn't been to the exclusion of anything else so I just wanted to say that if you are looking at the website and don't think it applies to you because you are a male or have problems not listed don't be put off. Sue applies the same attitude and expertise to every individual and has been a huge help to me.


With the NHS under increasing pressure, often limited and not always providing real answers, I think we owe it to ourselves to invest in our own health and well being. I would highly recommend Sue.

Gordon L (Retired Fireman)


A brief description of my visits to Susan Wood : I have been in the fortunate position of being able to contact Sue when the need arises, for many years now . As you are aware we don’t sail through life well all the time . Occasionally illnesses come along when we least expect it, and firstly we probably turn to our local Doctors. Appointments in our local doctors are around 10 minutes long and we don’t always manage to get a positive answer.
After one of these appointments were literally no help was being offered I turned to Sue for help . At this particular time my health was poor and also my emotional state of mind was very fragile. My first visit was around an hour and in that appointment a great calmness came over me whist I was talking to her .  And the fact that Sue reassured me that I could get help was a huge relief. I look back now at the fragile state I was in at that time and think where would l be now if she had not been there at a time when l was most vulnerable.
To have a person who will stay in contact throughout the most traumatic episodes of your life is invaluable.
I am constantly grateful that she is there to help and support me when l become unwell.



I first contacted Sue some years ago while going through the menopause. I wasn't offered any help for my physical symptoms through conventional medicine and turned to Sue for help. This was also a traumatic time in my life and my emotional state was very up and down. We discussed my life as a whole picture on a deep level before she prescribed the relevant remedies.

Needless to say I have been back many times over the years for help with various health issues and have always found Sue to be caring, empathic and deeply sensitive. She is always there for you.

I have experienced homeopathy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level - it just works!! Thank you Sue.



Approximately 6 months ago I decide that the  symptoms  I had were not being addressed by orthodox medicine. 

I decided to work with  Susan to address some of the complex issues that seemed to have been unresolved by general medicine. 


I’m convinced by the homeopathic process and my experience that a holistic approach is what was missing from my previous diagnosis and treatment. 

Susan took the time to listen and ask searching questions about my condition, my life experience and circumstances. My past and current emotional state was considered as part of the process. 

The result:

A greater understanding that recognised what traditional medicine had seemed to neglect.

Because our symptoms can be related to wider aspects of our being, the results are lasting and the knowledge gained is lifelong. 

Now on the road to a full recovery my  treatment has brought greater understanding and balance for me. 

As a natural alternative to medication, I can recommend the journey and treatment as a valuable process towards natural healing.

Susan works with me between sessions, researching my symptoms and checking my progress. 

I would recommend homeopathic treatment an alternative to increased health awareness and renewed health to anyone who is finding general medicine unsupportive emotionally or physically. The whole person is treated by the homeopathic approach and the results are relevant on all levels. 

Hazel (Life Coach)


When I first contacted Sue my life was nothing short of a mesmerising mess, stressed to a point of pain that seemed never ending. Sues words over the next few months helped me realise that the answer I had been looking for was already there , the layers of a life I had become began to unravel and what was left was the truth. The remedies pin pointed what needed to be addressed and although some days seemed too dark to deal with the lessons learned will only benefit and breathe life into what was a shell of a man. Sue listens beyond what you are saying and makes you feel as you were meant to be. Having never fully believed in the excepted mainstream curies for matters of the mind , most quick fix answers seemed redundant to to me. The journey I am now on is a truth and I would of never had the inner belief to feel as I do today if not for the help and support of Sue. I would recommend Sue to anyone who is struggling to make sense of their world.


You asked me to let you know how I’m doing after taking the Nux Vom for the eczema on my bottom etc.  I took the remedy as directed and the rash has cleared up completely and continues to be absent so thank you so much for what you have done for me, it has made such a difference to me.  A great big thank you and if only people would open their eyes and minds to homeopathy, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone