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Why Homeopathy for Mental Health Care?

With respect for your wholeness, Homeopaths are very ‘present’ and do a lot of listening.  Homeopaths are non-judgemental in approach and a confidential consultation addresses every level of your being through a detailed process of compassionate enquiry. Homeopathy demonstrates a therapeutic, person-centred approach, sensitive to your individuality and takes into account so much about you as a person, including, aspects of your lifestyle, personality, medical history, likes and dislikes, significant events, fears and motivations. 

Homeopathy does not treat your condition as single sets of disconnected symptoms or as a disease label but is unique in having the capacity to trace the threads of your life to go to where your pain is.  

To fully understand your pain or dis-ease, compassionate enquiry explores areas of your life to reveal your constitutional disposition and track when things first began.  Homeopathy understands that everything starts within and must be treated within and never suppressed. On this premise, all information is used with empathy to understand the nature of the ‘central disturbance’ embodied within.  Homeopathy is a system of medicine, naturally designed to address blocks in the flow of life-energy using the principle of ‘like cures like’.  Highly diluted substances, known as ‘remedies,’ are individually prescribed to work dynamically with your body’s natural flow of energy, non-toxic and without side-effects to heal and restore balance.

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