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Susan Wood Dip. Homeopathic Medicine MNCHM. MARH.

After 5 years clinical training, graduated at Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 1999 with license to practice. I am a member of ARH Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. My practice is located in a beautiful part of rural County Durham, where I see patients in my clinic at home and also on-line using SKYPE.
The pattern of my working life is devoted to empowering and supporting people. Life shows us where we are best placed to help others and always provides gifts for our unique path - the most amazing gift I was given was Homeopathic Medicine and this is my path of ‘service’ as a ‘people person’ and healer.
The best part of Homeopathy for me is my patients. I have a deep respect, love and appreciation for all of my patients over the years and as a result of developing therapeutic relationships I have grown within. We learn so much from each other and it is a great privilege for me to work side-by-side with patients in support and compassion.
My professional background in mental health has given me the interpersonal skills, knowledge and experience to work empathically with people, even in challenging and complex situations. My Practice has developed naturally and joyfully in the direction of mental health and for this reason my clinic is receiving patients of all ages and all walks of life who come to experience a different approach in the treatment of mental and emotional health.
Supporting skills, training and qualifications include,
Dip. Person-centered creative Therapy
Practitioner skills in Counselling, Trauma, Relationships and Bereavement
Advocacy in Mental Health (IMHA)
We have the right to make informed choices about our healthcare. Using homeopathy as an alternative therapy and treatment alongside orthodox medicine is of immense value as a model for Integrative Healthcare. Integrative healthcare is both enabling and empowering, giving us more information and insight into our bodies, diet and lifestyle. Moreover, integrative healthcare gives us more control and responsibility as individuals as we realise that ‘one size’ does not fit all. This model of healthcare works extremely well in other countries around the world As a nation, we are now encouraged to talk about mental health issues and the public are made much more aware of the range of problems – yet resources are under-funded and therefore, not fully available to meet the growing needs. For this reason alone, homeopathy should be included as the valuable resource it has proven to be and I do recommend you maintain your relationship and consult with your GP or health care professional about your condition.
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