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“Over 300 million people, worldwide, are using Homeopathy to successfully treat both acute and chronic conditions”


Mind Medicine 

Homeopathy for Stress Conditions

The ‘Spirit of Homeopathy’ is the natural approach to restore balance in mental and emotional health


Homeopathy is a vibrational system of medicine focussed on individuals and their specific symptoms, rather than disease labels.  Although disease labels are helpful to provide general information we should not be defined by our stories of who we are or by anything other than the intrinsic self.  As individuals, the variables contributing to ‘wholeness’ are not just physical and must include personality, lifestyle and beliefs.  How we live and interact is reflected in all our relationships.  Growing in awareness means we choose to become conscious of living ethically as whole beings. 


The invisible ‘inner’ self is our true essence and a very different world to the physical.  Everything we see with our eyes is temporary, perishable and the opposite of that which is permanent within.  The true self is infinite, defined by nothing and unchanging.  The deception of the ego creates the false self that thinks this is all there is and to go beyond that thought is fearful.  Fear is at the root of all stress and the perception that the mind is sick.  Homeopathy has the capacity to walk with us on our life-path and support and heal in any situation of stress

The Stress of Life

"To be alive means to remain exposed to the tidal swing of balance / imbalance, and to experience and confront both"

Edward C Whitmont. M.D.

There is no one alive who can wholly avoid stress.  The kind of stress from tension, conflict, repression, depression and disappointments are common, everyday experiences.  The daily dramas and crisis seem to be woven into the fabric of our lives, and even as compelling entertainment on our screens and in the media.


The overwhelming evidence from studies in natural science suggests that we are not merely free-floating minds but minds embodied, therefore, whichever way we turn, we cannot avoid the stress manifesting as crisis, pain and disease.  This may sound like ‘cause and effect,’ yet the homeopathic approach is to view the body as a whole and try to get away from this mechanistic and disconnected view.  After all, we are not machines and so the inter-relations on every level of being, mind, body, emotions and spirit must be addressed as ‘states of being’ and aspects of the whole.  Homeopathy addresses many physical problems as having origins in emotional traumas.

In a world where ego-building is universally encouraged as the drive for achieving upward approval, success, satisfaction and joy – inevitable pressures of work, environmental factors, frustrations, conflicts, loss and relationship disappointments will abound.  Despite our best efforts to avoid negative stress, anxiety and stay healthy, the capacity for human beings to become ill seems to be something of an unavoidable, in-built plan of human nature.


Interestingly – Dr. Gabor Maté, in his bestseller  ‘When the Body Says No’ writes about the ‘cost of hidden stress’ and cites three factors that are universally accepted as leading to stress:  


(1) – Uncertainty   (2) - Lack of Information   (3)  - Loss of Control

All in the mind

The Homeopathic approach to understanding dis-ease is the psycho/emotional connection and therefore no clear separation between what is happening in the mind and what is happening in the body.  Fears unresolved or felt as shock, inevitably produce disturbance manifested within our body and expressed in our mind as states of stress including: 


  • Anxiety

  • Tension

  • Depression

  • Trauma



Immediate, short-term body response to threat - having a beginning middle and an end.



When stress is prolonged - the stress mechanisms are activated in our bodies. When a person is continually exposed to stressors that are enduring or seem permanent   stress becomes chronic



'Fight or flight' response to stress is a discharge of the nervous system and a hormonal output, causing immune changes. The fight or flight reactions are naturally part of our survival mechanisms to help us survive immediate danger.  Human being’s natural biological responses are adaptive in the emergencies for which nature designed them. However, living with the same stress responses triggered repeatedly without resolution – become chronic over time and produce harm and even permanent damage


It is now proven and well accepted that chronically high CORTISOL levels produced in our body to deal with continual states of stress or stressor responses will destroy tissue. The chronically elevated adrenalin levels of 'fight or flight' will raise blood pressure and damage the heart


Homeopathy is a natural and dynamic form of medicine based on the principle of treating ‘like cures like.’ In other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if taken in large amounts. Homeopathy uses highly diluted substances, known as remedies, rendered non-toxic and therefore safe to use for children and people of all ages without side-effects


Homeopathy is a unique and compassionate system of medicine with capacity to trace the threads of your life and go to where the pain is. The experience of Homeopathy is that you are treated as a whole and not just the disease label


Use this like a quiz to self evaluate- there are no right or wrong answers, only to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of your stress and identify areas of your life needing attention or consideration.

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